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Playstation 3 Rapid Fire Kit Instructions

This page is full of all the information you shall need to fit your Playstation 3 Rapid Fire microchip to your PS3 controller. If you'd prefer to read this later or wish to print these then please download them here.
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These instruction were written for our 6, 7 and 8 mode Quasar OX controller mods using your new "A" Button to provide Rapid fire for all Sony Playstation 3 controllers.

Rapid Fire for PS3 Controllers

This is our Quasar OX Rapid fire microchip. Developed in December 2010 in order to break all current patches on Black OPS, if you have bought one of these kits, then you have certainly bought it from the right place!

Main Features
  • 100% undetectable online (Playstation 3)
  • Black OPS patchbuster
  • No rumble motors have been removed
  • LED mode change indicator
  • Easy access to any mode (No flicking through them)
  • Easy On/Off

The Playstation 3 Rapid Fire Kit includes

  • 1 x Pre programmed microchip
  • Kynar wire 
  • 1 x Tactile button
  • Instructions
Get Started with your new Playstation 3 Rapid Fire Kit
Things you will need:
  1. Playstation 3 rapid fire kit
  2. Cross headed (Philips) screwdriver
  3. Electrical pliers or cutters
  4. Hand drill and 8mm drill piece 
  5. Soldering iron and solder
  6. Glue gun and glue stick
  7. 30 - 45 minutes
Before you begin you shall need to Know which board type is in your controller. There are over 20 PS3 boards, we have added The main boards to our instructins page. Don't become confussed If your board dosen't look exactly like the different board type shown in diagrams further down the page. As long as you connect to the TP17+TP18 connections the positive and negative connections are easy to find. If you do become stuck, simply send us a message or chat to us online.
First of all you need to open up the case of your PS3 controller, playstation 3 controllers have 5 screws holding the surrounding case together these are star headed screws not the standard cross headed screws so a star headed T-8 screw driver will be required. Please see fig 1. for controller case screw locations.
fig 1. PS3 Controller Security Screws
fig 2. Apply pressure to case joint to unlock clip
Once you have removed all screws you shall need to apply gentle pressure to the thumbstick under-joint to unlock its clip. Show in fig 2. Now turn your controller around and start removing the back case away from the controller, please take care that the casing does not touch the R1+L1 buttons as they can come away from the controller with ease, leaving you with a time consuming job of repositioning them after you have modded the controller.
Next you will find the battery is in your way so simply place it to one side or remove the connection from the controller altogether.
Boards (Click image for larger view)
Sony Playstation controllers have 4 boards in total, this is counting non dual shock 3 controllers. You must find out which board your controller uses. Please refer to fig 3. - fig 6. which show the wiring for the mod and different boards. Once you find your board please continue reading the instructions, returning to you board for installation.


New Sony Boards - Released 2012 (Click image for larger view)
Now you have determined the board you have, the next step is to remove the screw holding it in position with in the case. Gently remove the board, turning it slightly in order to gain access to the LED's on the top right.
Take some of the Kynar wire (provided with your PS3 Kit) 8cm or approximately 3.5 inches should be fine, solder the one end to player 4 LED as shown in fig 7. Now bring the other end of the wire around too the other side of the board and replace the board screwing it back in position.
fig 7. Solder Kynar wire with player 4 LED
  fig 8. Glue mod chip in place
Next take your hot glue gun and Rapid Fire microchip, gluing the chip into the controller as shown in fig 8. Once you have glued the microchip in place remember which way you have the notch facing from the chip. Your now ready to start soldering the wires to the chip as shown in the same diagram.
Helpful Tips
  • Use Kynar wire (included with all kits)
  • 15 Watt soldering iron
  • 60/40 Rosin core solder
  • Always use fresh solder for each connection
  • Make sure you strip a small piece of the wire sheath from each tip, wrapping the wire around each pin of the mod chip before soldering
 Important - Keep all wires away from the controller rumble pack!
Once you have the chip in glued in place remembering which way you have the notch facing from the chip, you need to start soldering the wires frist to the chip using the board diagrams as above, double or tripple check you wiring to the correct pins!!
Tactile Button
Your tactile button will look like the diagram below. It shall have 4 legs, 2 of which you shall need to remove (make sure you cut 2 legs from the same side) as illustrated in fig 9.
fig 9. Tactile button
fig 10. Tactile button position

Next drill a small hole through the back of the case (as shown in fig 10) this is where the tactile button shall be positioned. Taking your hot glue gun glue the button in place from the back side of the casing. We have tried numerous location for the tactile button and found the position show in the diagram to be the best.
Once the button is glued in position take another piece of the Kynar wire, soldering the one end to the 1 leg of the button and the other to pin 3 of the chip. If you already have a length of wire coming from pin 3 then simply solder this to 1 of the legs.
Black wire connection 
Do not become confused as to how to wire the black connection as shown in the diagrams pin 5 on the chip is the black wire connection, we advise to simply have that wire connected to the microchip then make a loop at the other end of the wire. Next take the wire from the button and the ground and loop all three wires together, soldering all wires together and place a drop of hot glue over the connection.
Round Up 
After you have finished modding your PS3 controllers, reverse you steps piecing the controller back together. Once the casing is screwed up its time to go test it!
Instructions for using our 6 mode Quasar OX are below.
For those that have purchased the 7 or 8 mode adjustable Quasar OX further instructions are sent with the kit. We shall be uploading a video demonstration of this installation process very soon.
Changing modes
The first time you turn on the controller, player 4 LED will light up, this indicates that Rapid Fire is on, simply press the button on the back of your controller and the LED and Rapid Fire will turn off.
First press the button on the back of the controller, LED 4 will turn on, next hold L1 and tap the button to where mode you wish, for example if you wanted mode 5 , you would simply hold L1 and tap the button 5 times (fast) the LED 4 will then flash 5 times indicating your selection.
We understand that some may find the installation process complicated or maybe not have the tools, so from as little as £15 we are happy to mod your controller for you. Please send your controller with name and return address along with payment (if you have not paid online).
Disclaimer: and its partners can not be held responsible if you break your controller while following our mod instructions. 

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