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PS3 and XBOX Modded Controller Functions

(Please note available functions vary depending on type of controller and mod purchased)

RT Rapid Fire - This is for general Rapid Fire on the Right trigger (Push RT on XBOX) (Push R1 on PS3) (XBOX/PS3)

Dual Akimbo Rapid Fire - This is Rapid Fire on both RT and LT for the XBOX and R1 and L1 for the Playstation. This is used for dual pistols when you have a pistol in each hand, both providing rapid fire. (XBOX/PS3)

Patchbuster Mode - This is what we call our Call Of Duty World At War or COD5 Mode. This game was speed patched up to the eyeballs by the producers Treyarch until they started working on their new games and stopped patching. This is the fastest possible rapid fire speed available on COD5. (XBOX/PS3)

Burst Modes - A burst mode is simply a rapid fire mode that when you press the right trigger the weapon will fire a 3 round bust of rapid fire. (Adjustable mods that have burst modes are further adjustable with a selection of rounds per burst) (XBOX ONLY)

Auto-Aim - This mode can be used both online or off during normal games or zombie game on the call of duty. It does not work on the Multyplayer games. It locks onto any non human target. You simple select the mode go into the game, hold left trigger and your weapon will lock onto the zombie, then fire to kill. This is auto-aim without rapid fire. (XBOX/PS3)

v2 Auto-Aim - v2 auto-aim is one off our best functions. Some sellers have this on their 10 mod adjustable, however we have it available for 6,8 and 10 mode (non adjustable mods). So what is it, well auto-aim with built in rapid fire that the gamer can turn rapid fire on and off from the one mode simply by tapping the sync button twice while not holding any triggers. Our 8 and 10 mod adjustable mods also have V2 auto-aim, where you can also adjust the speed of rapid fire in this mode, almost like having 3 functions in the one mode. **cc-pistol** (XBOX ONLY)

Akimbo Mimic - What this mode does is simple yet very effective. It's not rapid fire, but when you come up against another player, you pull your left trigger to aim and then press your right trigger to fire, this takes about half a second to do. With Akimbo Mimic mode when you press the right trigger, it automatically aims the weapon and fires at the exact same time! (XBOX ONLY)

Jump Shot Drop Shot - This is a relatively new function introduced in early 2011, it used to have to be wired to controller buttons in order to be installed on the controller. With this new mod it has this function built directly into the microchip. What it does is simple., when in this mode and you come across an enemy player, you simply press the right trigger to fire and your player will automatically drop to the ground and fire, this makes the enemy player miss you when he returns fire. You can also have it on jump shot, where as your player shall jump when you press the trigger as opposed to drop. (XBOX ONLY)

Akimbo Jump Shot Drop Shot - This is the same as standard jump shot drop shot only you have Akimbo mode built into it also, so you could use dual pistols while you drop and fire rapid fire shots. (XBOX ONLY)

Adjustable speeds -  We stock 4, 6, 8, 10, 6 v2, 8 v2 and 10 v2 mods, these are all non adjustable. This means the speeds are a set rapid fire speed and you cannot be changed. An adjustable mod means you can enter a programming mode on your controller in whatever mode you are in and increase or decrease the speed of rapid fire. This means that if the producers of the games speed patch their game, you can decrease the speed of your modes slightly to brake the new patch. Our microchips normally have two modes for the most popular game on the non adjustable mods, one slightly slower than the other in case the game gets patched, so the gamer simply uses the other slightly slower mode. (XBOX/PS3)

Adjustable button Layout - Available on the 8 mod adjustable PS3 mod controller only. The PS3 controller has 4 main triggers but you only use two of them during play, mainly R1 and L1. These are the buttons that rapid fire is on, with the adjustable button layout function you can change rapid fire over to the other  R2 and L2 buttons should you wish.  We are the only retailer in the UK with this function. (PS3 ONLY)

Adjustable Akimbo - Adjustable Akimbo allows you to Adjust the rate of fire of Dual weapons in order to make them fire faster/slower or beat any new speed patch. (PS3 ONLY)

Auto Akimbo - Auto-Akimbo allows you to mimic L1 simply by pressing R1. For example if you have dual full automatic G-18’s, by pulling R1 both R1 and L1 will fire. This mod also has built in rapid fire. Having two semi-auto pistols will rapid fire both pistols by simply pressing R1. (PS3 ONLY)

Jitter Fire - Jitter fire works in partnership with a glitch in the Call of Duty games. When using any 3 round burst weapon or slow semi-automatic shotgun the mod makes these weapons fire faster than otherwise possible. Jitter fire is not available for use in MW3 where this glitch has been patched. (PS3 ONLY)

Fast Reload - Shave milliseconds of your reload time with this mod activated. This mod like Jitter uses a glitch which like Jitter has been patched for MW3 although works on all other Call Of Duty games. (PS3 ONLY)

Quick Scope - With Quick Scope activated, by pressing your aim button (L1) you will automatically scope and fire. There is a few milliseconds of a delay in the firing, which allows the accuracy of the shot to kick in thus allowing you to get that kill ! Quick scope like all functions based in our Elite mod is adjustable which means, Yes you can quick scope and rapid fire at the same time! (PS3 ONLY)

Auto Sniper Breath - This mod is a must for gamers even if not a big fan of rapid fire. This mod is a controller function in which when using a sniper riffle, by pressing L1 to scope the mod will automatically hold L3, thus meaning your player is holding his breath as soon as you scope. (PS3 ONLY)

Drop Shot /tactical - Drop shot is a must for all lover’s of mods. With our new Drop shot we have 4 sub modes built into the mode allowing you to preform swifter and more deadly attacks. The basics of Drop shot is, when you pull your firing trigger to fire, your player will automatically drop to the ground giving you a massive advantage over any enemy player. Due to demand we have allowed this mod to be changed for the use in tactical button layout, so if tactical is the way you play, drop shot now works in this button layout option. (PS3 ONLY)

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